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ADD:Wumen,Industrial Zone,Yuhuan, Zhejiang,China.
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              YUHUAN HUAQIU PLUMBING CO.,LTD. is a factory specializing in various brass valves, brass forging fittings and screw joints for pex-al-pex pipe and PP-R pipe.All of the productions are exported overseas.
               Our company has advanced productive equipment,first-class technology and strict quality management system.We have got the international ISO9001:2000 quality certification.The quality of our productions has reached international standard while our price is very competitive.
                Our company upholds the spirits of “ dealing with practical matters,non-ceasing innovation,keeping forging ahead,high efficiency and super quality.”We will serve our customers with scientific management system,strict guarantee system,flexible business method and strong productivity.We are willing to cooperate with our business-friends from all over the world and make stable contribution for further development of manufacturing.
                 Warmly welcome to visit our company and establish long-term and mutually-beneficial trade relationship.
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